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Lotus Flower

My Story & Yoga  

My story with a body based practice of yoga begins with my injuries and knee surgeries as a child, which impacted my relationship to my body in a significant way without even me noticing. Since I began to engage in yoga, mindfulness practices, meditative movements and dancing again as an adult, I realized that I had not attended to my body even though it has been part of me throughout my life!


These practices helped me become attuned to my body and be able to listen to my body's cues. I also began to feel thankfulness to the parts of my body that I ignored for a long time, my knees, where I had surgeries as a child. Before I used to think of them as injured parts that suffered trauma, but now I think of them as the most resilient and strong parts of my body as they held up and supported me over many years.

I am grateful to have an opportunity to share the benefits of trauma informed yoga and a mindfulness practice with others.  

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